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there in areas east, over 5 inches of rain. areas around ocean city. over four inches of rain. getting into areas of delaware, over 3 inches of rain. those are the kind of rainfall amounts we're going to see before long. as, again, the center of hurricane sandy gets closer and closer to us. it's already made that turn not just to the north but towards the north and west. getting closer to the coast. you can see it there. landfall expected somewhere between delaware and the southern new jersey coast around 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. here's the latest track coming out. this should be the 11:00 p.m. track for you. to the north and west. coming ashore around areas of southern new jersey, northern delaware. then again, the storm system, we're really going to see it spread out even more. talking about 1,000 miles across the storm system affecting areas all the way from the coast, as far west as ohio. look at that heavy band of rain from norfolk through areas of d.c. pushing westward with the white stuff. yeah, that snow that's already falling in areas of west virginia. southern areas of charleston and around ro
power in our area alone. >> meanwhile, the most extensive damage is in the big apple. the biggest city left under water. >> welcome. i'm barbara harrison. i'm keith russell. montgomery county schools announced they will be open on time tomorrow. once again, montgomery county schools will be open for business tomorrow. >> right now, we are going to lieutenant governor of maryland who is speaking right now. there's a press conference under way for the state of maryland. take a listen. >> hats off to everyone with mention to the work being done by the national guard as well as the maryland state police. >> governor, thank you. let me update you on a couple situations. we are experiencing -- the things we are looking for right now as this storm moves off and up into the susquehanna, the flooding issues will be with us for quite a few days. we are monitoring the flow. as you know, from these events, that will be a concern of ours for several days. there is some flooding of rivers we are anticipating. we have been on the phone with the elected officials of frederick. there's been evacuations
word on who she is or exactly what her condition is at this time. >> new york city police are trying to figure out why a d.c. sniper was mentioned in a note left at the scene of a pregnant woman's murder. they found the note under her body. someone stabbed the mother of four to death a day before she was supposed to get married. a note that more pregnant women will be killed if he's not released from prison. they doubt he had anything to do with the murder. they may have used him to distract or confuse police. >>> what companies are doing to compete with apple. >>> gloves, hand sanitizer or >>> g[ male announcer ]zer or if barack obama is re-elected, what will the next four years be like? one: the debt will grow from $16 trillion to $20 trillion. two: 20 million americans could lose their employer-based health care. three: taxes on the middle class will go up by $4,000. four: energy prices will continue to go up. and five: $716 billion in medicare cuts that hurt current seniors. five reasons we can't afford four more years of barack obama. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
. the doors open around 9:00. richmond will host romney on sunday. it's the first stop of a three-city tour for the republican. he will visit virginia at battlefield high school. he will wrap up the day at the farm bureau amphitheater in virginia beach. romney's running mate, paul ryan will stop in bristol and charlottesville. joe biden goes to virginia beach and lynchburg saturday. >> there are major problems with absentee ballots in maryland. they heard from a voter who say he was missing a page of referendum questions. some were the most talked about questions like six on gay marriage and seven on gambling. there are a small number of ballots missing pages. if you have not voted, you can call your local election board for a new ballot. head to and search ballot for more information. >>> some of those campaign signs you see along roadways on your way to work may be gone, soon. road crews are removing hundreds of those signs in maryland. the state highway administration says many signs were put there illegally. this has nothing to do with politics. the highway adminis
nbc 4 city camera, this is a happy sky. >> yeah. >> when you see puffy white clouds, it makes you happy, right? it makes me happy. it's 60 degrees. a little bit of a blustery wind. rather chilly. this might have made you a little scared. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon. this dramatic shelf cloud passing over the region. this is when it passed over sterling virginia, mid afternoon. what a dramatic picture. you can post your pictures to like a facebook follower, yesterday i showed you, if you were watching, the storm that hit austria. this is the aftermath. this is what it looks like this morning. they got ten inches of snow there overnight. first big snow of the season. this is from the austrian region of the alps. gorgeous, gorgeous. we have a northwesterly wind bringing in chilly weather. it's been in the 30s in the ohio valley. the wind is tapping the chilly weather and bringing it our way. areas in the green are in the 50s. in the blue, it's in the 40s. much of the mountain region in maryland and into west virginia. right around the beltwa
has successfully placed the posters on trains in new york city and buses in san francisco. most posters have not gone up yet. we have not gotten a time line as to when they will go up yet. live at the u street metro station, tony tall, tal, news 4. >>> meteorologist veronica johnson is in for tom kierein and joins us. >> still a little chilly. well, it's going to stay chilly today, guys. i'm sure you've noticed all the clouds we've got across the area. a few sprirnkles and light showers. it's going to be chilly. on top of that, it's going to be wet later today. we started out this morning in the 30s and 40s. it was our coldest start in more than five months. a look at the readings now. at 50 degrees. we're at 46. that was one of the spots that started out in the 30s. rockville and bethesda now at 46. it's 46 also around manassas. right now, we've got clouds across the area. that's some of the rain that's trying to fall. it's going to take a little while to saturate the air and get rid of all the dry conditions and see some of the moisture start to fall around here. i don't think
on the sunshine state. they will hold a rally in daytona tonight. thousands are descending on the city for a four-day festival with rock music and harley-davidson's. >>> today, a judge will sentence a man. he admits firing an assault rifle into a crowd of mourners who gathered at a funeral in march of 2010. it was for a young man they killed days earlier because one of them thought he stole his fake gold bracelet. in all, five people were killed, eight others injured. prosecutors are recommending he get a reduced sentence of five years because he helped get the other men involved in the attacks. >>> we have new information about the man accused of throwing a molotov cocktail in a food court. video you will see only on news 4 show the police taking this 29-year-old into custody near the courthouse metro station. he now faces a number of charges including the use of a fire bomb. this morning, fbi eights are trying to find why he threw it, then ran away. we talked to people who heard the bottle smash. >> i was going down the escalator and all of a sudden, glass just splattered all over down the food
: let me diagnose you, nats fever. feel what the nats are doing for our city right now, they are energizing, invigorating. playing hard, making us proud. >> it's been amazing. the energy here in d.c. is electric. people with nats hats on everywhere. it's great to be part of something as exciting as this. >>reporter: these die hards spent the night camped out in chairs staying warm in their cars or bundled up in fear of losing their sacred spot in line. >> you get the fleece and tie the ends. it keeps me warm when i'm waiting. >> reporter: they are counting down the minutes waiting for the box office to open for a shot at any available seat. todd andersson isn't decked out in nats gear. he's on his way to work. >> i'm looking forward to another great night. >> reporter: a great night like last night. we held our braet waiting, hoping, hoping, hoping it ended up being the swing that saved the nationals season. >> the stars aligned for us. everything came in order. it was the ninth inning. the tenth month, the 11thday. year 12 and the 13th pitch. something had to happen. >
, plenty of sunshine and gorgeous blue sky over washington. there's the live view from the nbc 4 city camera and as we look at what's been happening over the last 12 hours, area of high pressure pushed in. look to the upper left of the screen. it's a front triggering rain in northwestern ohio. behind the front, it's only in the 40s now. ahead of that front, those areas in the orange, well, they are near 80 degrees, parts of virginia, southern maryland. reagan national now at 76. later this afternoon, yeah, we might get into the low 80s for a time this afternoon. overnight tonight, a clear sky, great weather for the high school football games tonight. good weather for the high school and college games tomorrow. outdoor activity. highs reaching mid-70s, might get a shower in the afternoon. then autumnal weather an ex week. it's the way it looks. >> see you shortly. >>> two food festivals are happening this weekend. the taste of d.c. kicks off tomorrow. more than 50 restaurants are taking part in the festival on pennsylvania avenue between the white house and the capital. ben's chili bow
guy is here. he's a favorite. we'll ask how the fans in each city are different. >>> two searches for missing teens. in maryland, montgomery county police are looking for this 15-year-old of rockville. he was last seen at the wheaton community center monday around 2:00 in the afternoon. 5'8", 210 pounds. he likes to spend time in the wheaton shopping center. if you have information about his where abouts, please contact police. >>> the second search is in fairfax, virginia where another teen went missing on monday. this 17-year-old was last seen dropping off his brother at wt high school in fairfax. a short time later, his car was found a mile and a half away. police and bloodhounds are combing the area and have found nothing. inside the car was a receipt from dunkin' doughnuts. his father says it's unusual. >> he's still here somewhere. we have to find him. he hasn't run away. he hasn't tried to run away. >> as of now, police say there's no indications of foul play. >>> police are casing an alexandria park for a person in an attempted sex assault. a man began talking to her and b
the city camera. high clouds streaming over the metro area. 57 at reagan national. dew point 46. it's fairly dry and thankfully a calm wind. otherwise, this morning, when it was down near freezing, the wind like we had the last couple mornings made it a colder feeling. right now, prince george's county, upper 50s. mid-50s in montgomery. much of northern virginia and maryland, milder on the bay. annapolis, 60 degrees. shenandoah valley, chilly, low and mid-50s there. 40s in western maryland. the highlands in west virginia. eastern shore, most locations are around 60 degrees. they are the high clouds streaming over the region now. mostly clear over the mountains. we have a big area of high pressure that's holding throughout much of the eastern half of the country. there's a front moving in closer to st. louis. it may cause rain problems for the game there and perhaps later for the game in detroit as the national league and american league championship series continues. as we take a look forward over the next several hours and into the afternoon and evening, increasing sunshine and cle
and sunday, the latest track is taking it up toward the new york city area, unfortunately. this is a monday position as of 8:00 a.m. it looks like it's out to sea. this is good news for us. here is washington. it could track anywhere within this zone of possible. you can take this western track. of course, we'll be worse off here. there's indication it is trying to switch farther and farther to the west. stay tuned. things could go downhill for us. the latest track is going to the north. i'll have the sandy impact that it might produce for us if it takes the western track for us in a couple minutes along with the seven day outlook. keith? >> see you in a few. with the possibility that sandy will have an impact this way, local power companies are beginning their preparations to keep the power on. tony tull is live in maryland with more on what the companies are doing to get ready. hey, tony. >> reporter: it's about the preparation. pepco telling us they put out a request for mutual aid asking power companies to the south and west of us, if sandy should make land fall, they will send extra cr
service. there's no express service along the northeast corridor and no service to new york city because of flooded tunnels. back here in maryland and virginia, services back to normal. power problems and flooding could cause delays. >>> now to another story. a multicar crash on the outer loop of the beltway caused massive delays in maryland during the morning rush. it happened around 11:00 causing 14-mile back up. we are told the car involved, a car, a truck and tractor-trailer with no trailer. police are not releasing any information about the victims or what caused this crash. >> that accident causes a lot of delays this morning. we are going to check to see how things are moving now. >> they were moving slow before. are they just as slow danella? >> that area is much better. we are talking 14-mile back up. the accident was new hampshire avenue. you can see on the outer loop, it's nice and clear now. road work is slowing you down as you make your way toward the road. the cones are up blocking the left lane as well as the right lane. you'll have to merge toward the center lane. traveli
the district tops the list of the most affordable metro cities for middle class families. that, according to center for housing policy and center for neighborhood technology. of the 25 largest metro areas in the country, the capital region places the lowest housing and transportation burd en on its residents. boston rounded out the top five. stocks are mixed in early trading this morning. let's check in with hamton pierson. >> great news about the liveability factor here. that's always good stuff. turning to the major averages. we've got them struggling to stay in positive territory. after heavy equipmentmaker caterpillar says it is weaker than expected. the nasdaq is up 3. the s&p down 3. cat pill, the world's largest construction and mining equipmentmaker, cut its forecast for full-year revenue and income worldwide. 2012 profit, about $9.25 a share on revenue of $66 billion. earlier estimates had profits this year at about $9.41 a share. ougautomaker nissan recalling nearly 14,000 of its top selling ultima sedans. the issue bolts that may not have been tightened. they could fall off, ac
attention turns up the coast to ocean city, maryland, new york city. an epic storm coming in monday and tuesday. we are afraid it's going to cut power to millions, wherever it comes in. north of there, devastating to the beach towns. back to you in d.c. >> that's what we are watching now. thank you. we'll be in touch with you throughout the weekend, i'm sure. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with a look at what we're facing in our area. >> the important thing is prepare for power outages, i'm afraid. this is going to be the worst part of the storm for all of us as we have known with storms coming and going. we love the trees. every time we get winds of 60 miles per hour and higher, tree limbs snap, the older trees topple, we get power outages. sometimes it's out for days. that's what you need to do right now, on this friday, head out this afternoon or tomorrow for sure, for the latest and stock up on things you will need for extended power outages. there's the view from space. hurricane sandy, not a very organized storm. it's looking pretty disorganized right now. it is sw
, with treatment and prevention techniques, there's no reason for that. it's still a crisis here in the city. >> i read if washington was a country, in terms of aids rate, it would rank near the top half of countries in africa. are people here aware of how big an epidemic it is? >> that's a good question. we talk about it every chance we get about the rate of hiv here in d.c. i think some of the crisis we had in the '80s and '90s is a loss. treatments are so good now, if you get into care and stay on treatment, you'll die with hiv, not from hiv. the advances and treatment has taken the crisis mentality out of it. people are come placement. we deal with a lot of stigma with it. >> you say stigma. you mention that word. let's talk about it. it's a big barrier. what is the stigma? >> more than three decades into the epidemic. their families make them use paper plates and plastic utensils. we had people asking can i get it from a mosquito bite or public pool? there's a lot of ignorance and stigma around it. if you are afraid your family is going to react badly if you are diagnosed with hiv, if you don
: tonight, the event will be in new york city. a laid back atmosphere after the debate on tuesday. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> some sad news from the world of politics, george mcgovern's family says the governor is near death. the 90-year-old is no longer responsive and in hospice care. his daughter says he appears peaceful. he ran for president in '72 and lost to nixon in a landslide, winning only massachusetts and the district. let's look at the weather again. we are going outside for this. >> yeah we are. no, we're not. tom kierein is but we're not. >> we are out there with you, tom. >> it is a gorgeous day. a bit of a breeze coming through. some of the leaves becoming unhinged and coming down. the air is filled with the aroma of dry, autumn leaves. we have cloudiness coming over the metro area now. you can see that. a live view from nbc 4. a wonderful potpourri of blue skies over the potomac. over the region, we have temperatures climbing into the 60s. all the areas in the light green and dark green. parts of the mountains of east and west virginia and mountains of marylan
will confirm it for you. >> wow. where did you learn how to dance like that? >> i'm a new york city healer. tap dancer. >> fantastic. i understand eight of the original airmen are going to be or did attend the show. >> they came opening night. >> tell us about that. >> it was an amazing experience. it was scary. they were in the front row with their red jackets. after the show, we got to talk to them and hang out with them. through all the reviews that came out, the reviews that mattered to me were from them. they gave their blessing and they immensely enjoyed the show. they felt it was one of the best portrayals of them they have seen. >> they must be in their 80s and 90s now. >> 80s and 90s. the director who is a fighter pilot from 332nd squadron is in his 90s, but very much alive and kicking, has his iphone. they are getting up there. they are special individuals. >> what has been the response of the d.c. audience to the show? >> audiences are getting bigger every night. they are more diverse than they have ever been. in this area, that's what we are told. everyone seems to be interested in
the benefits range even right before a woman gets pregnant up to early pregnant city to calm the mind, to come down from the anxiety of what's going to happen. because the body still basically the same at that point with the exception of the hormones. but in second trimester when the body is doing a lot of stretching, the mind starts -- yoga is so good for the bed because then you can contain that experience of so many change, but you still feel great. second trimester is just an amazing experience because you still don't quite know what's coming. >> and the third trimester! so show us a pose that has worked for you as you get ready for the birth of your first child. >> okay. so i say do the warrior 2 first and then just come down. so this is just a great pose to open the hips, a great pose to get into the legs. nonpregnant people can do it. and now she'll come down on to the floor and do cat cow. which it's the number one for me, for her, because first of all, main opening of the back body. your neck hurt, your belly is huge, so right here she's opening on the back and then she comes through
. baltimore city fire department got the call around 2:00 a.m. this morning. once on the scene, one man reported to be 52 jumped from a second story window. he sustained injuries to his neck and back after jumping head first. firefighters heard screams coming from the home. by the time they got inside, they were unable to rescue the remaining people. as for the children that did not make it out, they are believed to be, 1, 3, 5 and 7 years old. the fifth person was a grandmother and was 55 years old. we talked to relatives earlier this morning and reported ten people were inside the home when the fire started. no word on their condition. barbara says her granddaughter who escaped through a window. >> one of my granddaughters doesn't want to talk to anybody. she threw her baby out the window. >> reporter: what happened? >> i don't know. she threw her baby out the window and she jumped out there. >> barbara and keith, two firefighters were injured. one after falling through a second story floor to the basement. he's expected to be okay. live in the news room, tony tull. >> bad story. than
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20